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Rebranding  | Voice & Visual

The initial project presented was to rewrite the decades old spa menu with a fresh voice and modern attitude. During the brainstorming phase I realized that the outdated visuals were limiting the creative possibilities.


After a presenting a series of "refreshing" storyboards the project escalated to a complete voice and visual rebranding. From a custom watercolor for the home page to a commemorative 35th anniversary logo, all digital platforms and printed materials received a total makeover.


• Conceptualize Brand Voice

• Update Visual Brand Identity

• Storyboard Website Reflectively


• Thematic to new concept—rename all spa services and

   write descriptive copy for each, write all introductions

• Design 35th anniversary logo 

• Create custom illustrations and typography

• Photo selection and editing

• Creative direction and site program management

A wise person once said "happiness is hard work" and with our trying to do it all lives, it's a pretty true statement. Often times, the things that we need most seem to be last on our list. Try as we might, getting to them seems impossible, as if they're a world away. Time to stop and smell the roses, time to care for yourself—to take a deep breath and find BALANCE—wouldn't that just be total BLISS?

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